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Statistics show that children learn best from hands-on playful engaging activities.


A little about Wiggle Worms…

How did Wiggle Worms Kits start?

Pre-Covid, Wiggle Worms was a licensed hourly childcare center that opened its doors on July 6, 2009. From day one, we incorporated preschool-aged programs into our services. When Covid hit, we were forced to close our doors and find a way to fit into this new world. Being educators, we quickly redesigned into a more structured preschool setting and started creating kits. Our local parents, who were not comfortable with in-person education, could pick up the kits and follow along with us at home. Throughout the years our kits have evolved into Wiggle Worms Kits-Learning Through Play. We are proud of the high-quality learning materials provided in each Kit, and we are happy to provide unique, hands-on learning opportunities for children.

Chrissy Gibbs, the owner and creator, has three children.  She has a degree in education and taught elementary education for many years prior to opening Wiggle Worms.

Stacy Hinson, our main director, has been with the Wiggle Worms family for over 11 years. She has had a major role in ensuring that Wiggle Worms succeeds. Her dedication, enthusiastic personality, and love for children are beyond inspiring. Stacy uses our kits to teach our preschoolers.

Rachel Wilson has been with Wiggle Worms for 5 years. Along with assisting with our in-person preschool, she is also Wiggle Worms Kit's Administrative Director. Rachel jokes that she is responsible for "boring stuff" behind the scenes! Her contributions include shipping, social media management, and website maintenance and updates. Customer satisfaction is paramount to the success of Wiggle Worms Kits, and Rachel ensures that any concerns or questions are solved promptly and efficiently.

Meet our team

Chrissy Gibbs

Stacy Hinson

Rachel Wilson

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